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Aqua-Sac - Pack of 50
Inflated Size 370 x 600mm, Inflated weight 13kg, Un-inflated weight 440g
Product Code. Aquasac_50

£217.39 ex-VAT

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Aqua-Sac is a revolutionary alternate to traditional sandbags for flood defence. Comprising a heavy duty Jute sack and a cotton liner with our Patented centre stitch, containing a Super-Absorbent Polymer the Aqua-Sac is simply submerged in water. After five minutes 13 litres of water will have been absorbed creating an inflated "sandbag".

Size: Inflated Aqua-Sac S.O.S. Bags are 54cm long and 10cm high. Each Aqua-Sac is of a consistent size enabling a barrier to protect against flooding or diverting water to be built easily.

Weight: At 13kg and Aqua-Sac is significantly lighter than traditional sandbags and so reducing manual handling risks.

Un-inflated weight: At 440g Aqua-Sac can be transported in higher volume to where they are required in an emergency in smaller, more efficient vehicles.

Storage: Aqua-Sac are compact, 100 can be stored on one standard pallet saving valuable storage space compared to only 25 traditional sandbags.

Shelf Life: Aqua-Sac are contained in sealed packs giving a shelf life in excess of five years and so reducing waste.

Environmental Impact: The Jute sack and cotton liner are biodegradable. The super absorbent polymer is benign with no toxic effects. Aqua-Sac can be disposed of safely in landfill or by incineration. Alternatively, the super absorbent polymer may be added directly to soil as a hydrating medium.

Reusable: Aqua-Sac, once deflated, will dry out over the course of six to eight weeks. At any point they can be re-inflated providing that they have not been contaminated.

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Aquasac_50   Aquasac_50
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